An FERS-CSRS benefits consultation that makes sense.

Whoever set up the retirement training for federal professionals doesn’t understand their needs.

Professionals employed by the Federal Government simply don’t have time to sit through the normal retirement classes that are offered.

Yet somehow federal employees are supposed to make critical decisions themselves regarding their retirement benefits and hope they don’t make mistakes.

The problem is that mistakes can be costly (and permanent).

The good news is that VA and other Federal personnel qualify for an annual 1-hour retirement consultation.

Get your questions answered, and even more importantly: find out what questions you should be asking.

Our Federal Retirement Consultants℠ have been teaching full 8-hour retirement training classes for almost 10 years, and have over 20 years’ worth of experience working with Federal Employees. In 2016, we were recognized by the Better Business Bureau of the Pacific Northwest for our dedication to service and ethics and were given the coveted Torch Award. We are registered with Dunn & Bradstreet (DUNS #038426073), and the Systems for Awards Management (CAGE Code 7EQZ2) and are eligible for agency contracts.

In addition, our advisors are able to share with you other programs that may be available to you to help maximize your retirement benefits and overall distribution strategy.

Don’t miss your opportunity to claim your 1-hour consultation. Enter your information below to request your consultation and begin the path toward making better, more empowered retirement decisions.

There is no cost or obligation associated with your consultation.

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Physicians Financial Services

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You Need Not Be a Doctor: we also work with other productive individuals with similar financial needs.

Winner of the 2016 Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award


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