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Find out how doctors and other highly successful individuals use priority allocation of their career earnings to maximize savings.

Our free eBook will show you strategies to end losses, mitigate risks, and eliminate unnecessary taxes.

In this eBook, you will learn about:

The “Overflowing Buckets” wealth accumulation formula

Based on the 50-year Doctors Economic Research Project.

There are more tax-deferred accounts than my 401(k) / IRA / HSA

Defined Benefit, Cash Balance, Profit Sharing, and Money Purchase plans allow hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax-deferred contributions.

Leveraged income programs to fund tax-free distributions.

Achieve 200% to 300% more spendable life income for half the cost in half the time.

Eliminate capital gains taxes through special real estate projects

Special tax incentives allow deferral and even forgiveness of capital gains liabilities by investing in real estate.

Save tax on Roth conversions

Avoid required minimum distributions (RMDs) in down markets; pair tax liability with charitable and other structures.

Captive insurance solutions

Insure risks not covered by commercial insurance AND earn a profit.

And much more!

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Please note: while used by doctors nationwide, you do NOT need to be a doctor to take advantage of these strategies.

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