5 Question Loss Test

Find out how much of your earnings and savings are lost to unnecessary taxes.

1. Estimate your monthly after tax lifestyle costs for food, clothing, entertainment, car expense, mortgage payments or rent, educational costs for children, etc. (1):


This figure does not have to be 100% accurate. Come within material accuracy, plus or minus 20%

2. Multiply monthly lifestyle costs (answer 1, above) times 20 to estimate annual taxable compensation you need to provide for your after tax monthly lifestyle costs in a 40% average combined state and federal tax bracket.

(1) $_____________________________________________________ x 20 =

(2) $___________________________________________________________

3. Estimate your annual pre-tax practice income plus add to that any pre-tax interest, dividend, or rental income and any pre-tax income generated by your spouse to calculate your total pre-tax income.

Pre-tax income: $______________________________________________ +

Pre-tax interest, dividend, rental income: $___________________ +

Spouse’s pre-tax income: $____________________________________ +

TOTAL PRE-TAX INCOME: $_____________________________________

4. Subtract compensation need (item 2) from total pre-tax income (item 3):

Total pre-tax income: $________________________________________ –

Compensation needed: $_______________________________________

SURPLUS PRE-TAX EARNINGS: $________________________________

5. Multiply surplus pre-tax earnings (item 4) times 40% to calculate your estimated LOSS TO UNNECESSARY INCOME TAXES THIS YEAR.

Surplus pre-tax earnings: $_______________________________ x .40

= $______________________________________________________________


If the answer to question 5 is $30,000 or more, you are in a structure that will cause you to lose one million dollars or more of your earnings and savings to unnecessary taxes and unnecessary risk.

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